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Fulani golden earrings

Price: from 18.00 €

Traditional earrings from Fulani people, nomads from north Mali and Niger. West Africa.

Aforetime these earrings were made of gold and were worn to show the wealthy of a family.

Nowadays they make them of brass (bronce), using the same old techniques, this is, made of only 1 piece of brass without welding.

Sometimes, after a long exposure to humidity weather, these earrings turn matte color (many of our clients love it like that). In order to make it shine again just use lemon juice. They are very light, despite its size.

There are 3 mesures:

Small: 3 cm in diameter. 18€
Medium: 4 cm in diameter. 22€
Big: 6 cm in diameter. 30€

See Fulani golden bracelet to complete the match.



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